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In times of intense focus of the game, many role players express and feel the emotions that their imaginary characters would feel.In some very important ways, they are living in their fantasies.In sum, I very much appreciate your comments about the cognitive benefits associated with active fantasy. sanity) of role-players, I feel some attention must be paid toward the people who choose this escapist activity as opposed to other such escapes (e.g. You may address this in your book and I would be highly interested if you do. I think that in selecting a title for this post--something that would catch people's interest--I ended up being unintentionally misleading about what I really wanted to say.

For example someone with social anxiety who is very passive doesn't work or attend school would lead to a very under developed social experience, leading to the majority of their conversational development, social skills, and critical thinking to be massively learned by an assumed personality or character in a fantasy based video game.If I was deeply immersed in Minecraft, considered myself a farmer-turned architect (because you can build mines, farms, and even castles in this game), I think it's entirely possible for me to then blow my head-off because a creeper blew-up my cobblestone mansion and shattered a huge chunk of my manufactured identity.As a long time role player, I feel myself to be pretty sane but I have met my share of people who were insane.For example, I found that role players-without conscious planning-make gestures and movements oriented to the fantasy they are acting out, and they easily and consistently speak as their characters would.The markers of time and place in their speech (words like "now" and "here") consistently refer to the imagined fantasy rather than the real world.

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