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Just keep in mind that this blouse design will not look perfect if you are little bulkier.

A contrasting woven blouse decorated with saree color beads will mesmerize the people.

A glass shaped low back neck design with dori, having cut work ( mermaid effect) on the base decorated with beads is quite stylish and works perfectly for holidays or festival seasons.

A sliver saree blouse designs which essentially gives a dupatta effect in front having a thick embroided shoulder is just right for fashion divas to flaunt their toned body with style.

In first neck pattern the pattern itself is made from dori while in second pattern dori is attached , the process of making dori in both patterns is same let me explain.

For making dori you need 2 needles One big size and second (Picuture No.1)as small as it can pass through the 1 one.

Looking for awesome blouse designs for the perfect sari you have selected?

"Since childhood, I was involved in a number of art activities and it was my highest desire to become a designer.

My trademark is the golden block print patterns I create. "I was born October 26, 1977 in Uttar Pradesh to a Rajput family.

Tassels, also known as Fringes, are a bunch of loosely hanging threads that are tied at one end.

Tassels that we have are handmade tassels, which are made from nylon threads.

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Check out the most sought after and latest saree blouse designs, cuts and shapes for you to try this year.

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